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Lin Jungyi is a contemporary Taiwanese artist known for her bark cloth creations. She gracefully blends traditional Amis craftsmanship with modern techniques, transforming native Taiwanese trees like mulberry, Ficus subpisocarpa and breadfruit tree into beautiful and resilient fabrics through intricate processing. Her work harmonizes tradition and modernity, nature and art.

Beyond bark cloth, Lin Jungyi also creates installation art, sculptures, and paintings, combining various materials to infuse her works with multilayered meanings. Her installations focus on environmental protection and cultural preservation, incorporating local natural and cultural elements to inspire reflection on the environment and cultural heritage.

截圖 2024-05-19 下午11.54.14.png
截圖 2024-05-19 下午11.54.24.png
截圖 2024-05-19 下午11.54.34.png
截圖 2024-05-19 下午11.54.40.png
截圖 2024-05-19 下午11.55.12.png
截圖 2024-05-19 下午11.54.49.png
截圖 2024-05-19 下午11.55.06.png
截圖 2024-05-19 下午11.55.00.png
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