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參與第13屆太平洋藝術節『我們島嶼的海』展覽 Participate in the 13th Pacific Arts Festival exhibition "The Sea of Our Islands".



這個展覽以學者和文化實踐者Epeli Hauʻofa的詞語「我們島嶼的海」命名,旨在重新定義對太平洋島嶼的觀點。不將這些島嶼視為異國風情,因此Hauʻofa挑戰我們將太平洋地區視為一個參與的大都會,一個融匯多元的文化聚焦地。這個展覽正是以這樣的理念為核心,將參與視為藝術創作的基石,從概念的孕育到作品的呈現,都彰顯著參與的重要性。

由C. Makanani Salā博士和Gravitas Pasifika的Alyssa Chau策展,展覽中包含了來自太平洋各地的優秀作品。同時,林戎依的作品也參與其中,她的作品從「南島源自出台灣說」中汲取靈感,融合了樹皮紋理、島嶼和海洋的元素,象徵著種族、文化和自然之間的連結。

Exhibition "The Sea of Our Islands": A Spectacular Showcase of the 13th Pacific Arts Festival

The Pacific, referred to as "The Sea of Our Islands," is not only a gift of nature but also a cultural treasure trove. The exhibition "The Sea of Our Islands" at the 13th Pacific Arts Festival presents an expression of love, respect, and admiration for this region's cultural diversity.

Named after the phrase coined by scholar and cultural practitioner Epeli Hauʻofa, the exhibition aims to redefine perspectives on the Pacific islands. Rather than viewing these islands as exotic, Hauʻofa challenges us to see the Pacific region as a participatory metropolis, a melting pot of diverse cultures. The exhibition embodies this concept by placing participation as the cornerstone of artistic creation, from conceptualization to presentation.

Curated by Dr. C. Makanani Salā and Alyssa Chau of Gravitas Pasifika, the exhibition features outstanding works from various Pacific regions. Among them, Lin Jungyi's artwork is also featured. Drawing inspiration from the theory of "Austronesian Originating from Taiwan," her work integrates elements of tree bark fabric, islands, and the ocean, symbolizing the connection between ethnicity, culture, and nature.

展覽地點:Capitol Modern

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